The Panama registered container ship MSC Samantha manoeuvres in the Autonomous Port of Cotonou in Benin on May 28, 2019. (Photo by PROSPER DAGNITCHE / AFP)

The ship Bonita, which arrived in port on 28th October, was attacked about 9 miles from the entrance pass to the Port Autonome de Cotonou. According to information given this Sunday 3th November 2019, the events took place yesterday, Saturday 2nd November.

In the Autonomous Port of Cotonou, 09 people were kidnapped in a ship attack. This is the ship Bonita which was attacked about 9 miles from the port entrance pass. 08 crew members and the ship’s captain were abducted by the pirates.

The General Directorate of the Port presents its deepest sympathy to the hostages, their families and the other members of the Bonita crew. In addition, it ensures that measures have already been taken to strengthen security in the perimeters of the Autonomous Port of Cotonou. “At the time being, the investigation is ongoing. The Naval Forces conduct daily patrols at sea. In the meantime, surveillance has been further strengthened,” says the Port Authority’s press release.



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