Laurent Ruquier: the real reason for his fight against France Miss.r @ Programmes TV

The host Laurent Ruquier criticized sharply the France Miss 2020 election. On Saturday 30th November 2019, he called for a boycott for this competition, which he considers “outdated”.

The France Miss 2020 election scheduled for 14th December 2019 may not be broadcast on TF1 as in previous years. The reason: the main host Laurent Ruquier called for a boycott of the election o France Miss 2020, which he considers sexist. It was last Saturday during a discussion about the demonstrations against violence against women on the programme “On n’est pas couchés”. “So precisely, since we must stop looking at women as objects, stop judging them on their physique and systematically favouring the prettiest ones. I would like to make an appeal: let us boycott this year the election of Miss France. Besides, it’s on TF1, it’s very good. But there are plenty of them in the newspapers. We can’t take this Miss France election anymore, it’s old-fashioned! You have to be logical. If you want to be a feminist, you have to boycott the Miss France contest today. It will be a good start…” he denounced.

We remember that in February 2019, Laurent Ruquier made a joke considered sexist when Vaimalama Chavez came to his set. At the time, the latter reproached her for having considered it as an object.


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