Vincent Acakpo mayor of Dogbo Photo: youtube screenshot

The municipality of Dogbo now has a fire brigade base. The ceremony for the commissioning of the base took place on Wednesday, 4th December under the authority of Mayor Vincent Codjo Acakpo.

The municipality of Dogbo now has a fire brigade base. This Wednesday morning, the deputy director of the national fire brigade group, Sanni Gomina, was with the first authority of the municipality for the commissioning of this new base. The ceremony that took place in the Tota district is good news for the people. In the past, it was necessary to call first aid workers from Lokossa, which is 20 kilometres from Dogbo.

But thanks to a partner from Dogbo City Hall, the city of Roselare in Belgium, the government has given its approval for the base to be installed there. The surrounding municipalities also have the opportunity to benefit from the services of this fire brigade base, which is set up on the eve of the end-of-year celebrations. The mayor of the municipality, Vincent Acakpo, did not hide his joy, especially since he is at the origin of this project. “All our gratitudes go to the authorities of the city of Roselare in Belgium, to the entire Dogbo Communal Council without forgetting also and especially the central power without which the antenna of the GNSP Dogbo will not be able to be reality”, he acknowledged.


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