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MP André Okounlola, a supporter of the Boni Yayi regime, soon found himself with the new President Patrice Talon. This change of option is interpreted differently in the opinion. When asked by L’Événement Précis, the elected representative of the 10th electoral district revealed the conditions under which he found himself in the movement, supporting the actions of President Patrice Talon.

How can we explain the support of MP André Okounlola for the Patrice Talon regime? On the question, the concerned person first explains that it is not a turnaround as some people try to make people believe. He claims to have acted in the interest of his constituents and this was not done without the knowledge of his former leader Boni Yayi, even if he had not given his consent.

According to the MP, a delegation from the Hills he was leading visited President Boni Yayi to discuss the follow-up to their political line now that Patrice Talon is in power. “There were more than thirty of us. President Yayi replied that in politics there is no succession and that if two people remain, he will continue the fight,” he told L’Événement Précis.

How did André Okounlola become a strong defender of Talon regime?

After the discussions with former President Boni Yayi, MP André Okounlola and the other members of the delegation had to take decisions that would allow their electoral districts to emerge. They were there when President Patrice Talon expressed his willingness to collaborate with them. But the conditions for this collaboration had to be clearly defined. “President Talon is talking to us and saying he is ready to work with us but wants to be told the terms of cooperation,” said André Okounlola.

The delegation met in the office of MP André Okounlola to define the needs that will be presented to the new president. “We stayed in my office to see what each of the colleagues needs. We needed the Savè-Kétou road to become a reality, the Savè-Oké Owo road to become a reality, in the Collines departement, we have no water, the Savè-Ouèssè zone hospital that the Arabs have financed 70% of for five years to become a reality,” he presented, before asking a question that seemed to have been decisive in his choice. “If I don’t support President Talon, when will we be able to build the zone hospital in my country?” he asked himself.

Ongoing achievements in the region….

Having joined Patrice Talon’s regime, MP André Okounlola makes a more or less satisfactory assessment of the needs expressed at the beginning of the collaboration. “Today, Talon is building the zone hospital. Is it him or his children who are going to be treated there? The Kétou-Savè road has become a reality. Drilling is being done in Ayedjokpo. That is why I support this government,” he explained.

According to the member, at the end of former President Boni Yayi’s term, there was still a lot to do in his community. It was therefore to meet these challenges that he allied himself with the government in place. “…we had a lot of challenges in my region and it is with the power in place that I can win all this…”, he said.


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