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Rwanda wants to develop its tourism sector by all means. The country has just signed an agreement with the French football club, Paris St Germain (PSG), to promote tourism in this East African country.

“We invest a portion of our tourism revenues in strategic collaborations such as the one with Paris St Germain, because we understand their positive effect on the overall perception of the country,”said the Director of the Rwanda Development Board, after the signing, quoted by Africans Live. The amount of the cooperation agreement has not been disclosed, but according to some indiscretions, it is estimated to be around €10 million. Under this agreement, the PSG will promote Rwandan products, while messages promoting Rwanda will be posted on its women’s team kit and in the club’s stadium, explains Africans Live.

Rwanda is not in its first act under such an agreement. Last May, the country signed a sponsorship and tourism promotion agreement with the English football club Arsenal. Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, said that tourism development was one of his government’s priorities. According to statistics reported by Africans Live, the sector brought in $380 million to Rwanda in 2018 and is expected to bring in $405 million this year. The country’s forecast is that within the next five years, tourism will generate $800 million.


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