Doctors sing and hold placards during a march through central Harare demanding the return of their union leader who was abducted on Saturday night (REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko)

Zimbabwe’s doctors who have been participating in the strike since September for wage and working conditions reasons have all been dismissed by the country’s government, reported.

At least 77 striking doctors have been dismissed by the Zimbabwean government for strike action. According to media reports, a court ruled last month that the strike was illegal and ordered them to return to work, but they defied the decision. Hundreds of doctors, also on strike, are waiting to find out their fate. According to a report from, it seems unthinkable that they could all be dismissed because the impact on health services, already in difficulty.

Zimbabwe is experiencing an economic crisis and high inflation has severely eroded the incomes of its citizens. The real value of a doctor’s salary has therefore fallen to less than $100 per month. With public officials expected to take to the streets on Wednesday, pressure is increasing on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to find a way out of the economic crisis that continues to make life more difficult for Zimbabweans.


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