Visa openness index: Benin ranked 1st in Africa (Report)

The 2019 African Visa Openness Index Report was released on Monday, November 11. This Report, prepared in partnership with the African Union Commission and the African Development Bank, shows that several countries have made progress.

According to the 2019 African Visa Openness Index Report, Benin does not keep its first place with the Seychelles as it did in 2018. It thus maintains its first place in the same way as Seychelles. In the top 10 of the ranking are Senegal, Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, Guinea Biassau, Cape Verde, Togo and Mauritania.

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This performance achieved by Benin is clearly linked to the reforms undertaken by the government in the sector. In January 2017, Benin decided to open its borders to African visitors. “Inspired by Rwanda’s experience, I have come to the decision that Benin will no longer require visas for Africans,” said Beninese President Patrice Talon.


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