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The famous Ivorian artist Ariel Sheney made an amazing meeting on Thursday 7 November 2019 in Ivory Coast. A 14-year-old girl named Kadidja, a fifth-grade student who left her family home in Lomé, Togo, and traveled to Ivory Coast by bus to meet her idol, Ariel Sheney.

In Togo, a young girl abandoned her family to find Ariel Sheney in Ivory Coast:”I like you very much’‘ said little Kadidja to Colonel Lobofouè. Touched by this act, Ariel sheney kindly asked his host to return to Togo. For him, the girl’s parents must be worried: “Since you left your house, your father has been worried. He doesn’t know where you are. He’s afraid. So, if you like me, I’m going to ask you one thing. Tomorrow you will return to Lomé”. So he promised Kadidja to come and see her in Togo: “And then when you go home, after that, I’ll come there to see your dad. When your daddy and I are talking well, you will come to my house for the holidays to get to know Abidjan well.

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According to Ariel Sheney, it is dangerous to travel in these conditions. That is why he wanted to give thanks to God: “It is dangerous what you have done because here in Abidjan, there are many things that could happen to you. People could rape you, hurt you. But if you came to my house, it’s because God protected you. But what I’m asking you, if you really love me as you say, go back to Lomé to your daddy’s house. You tell your friends that I became your sponsor. I’ll pick you up in Lomé. But promise you’ll go back to Lomé. We called your father and told him you were coming back to Lomé.


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