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On stage, the Old Scoundrels have a secret that has just been revealed by Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc in an interview with the Figaro.

When you hear “The Old Scoundrels“, you automatically think of the trio of singers Jacques Dutronc, Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday, who performed for the very first time on the Bercy stage, where they give six performances from November 5th to 10th 2014. Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc reported by Closer came back with nostalgia on this tour that they shared with Johnny Hallyday in 2014 and 2017. “In 2014, a little Bordeaux. In 2017, water. I had stopped drinking in the meantime,” Jacques Dutronc replied to the journalist who wanted to know what they were taking before going on stage.  And Eddy Mitchell to bounce back: “And I’ll have a little whiskey with plenty of water.”

As a reminder, the French-Polish harmonica player Greg Zlap had already revealed the backstage of this show to the Parisian when he mentioned Johnny Hallyday’s illness: “It was very funny to watch their dressing rooms: Johnny’s, strongly inaccessible, Mitchell’s, still empty, Dutronc’s, open to everyone, with plenty of Corsican beers. We were doing the afternoons at Jacques’, but on the last tour, it wasn’t easy,” he said.


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