North Korea: Kim Jong Un's " indomitable " army @Le Parisien

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un monitored a military drill and pledged to build an “invincible army”, reported LBC News.

Kim Jong Un has pledged to refortify his army and make it an unbreakable force. This notice comes at a time when Un himself is supervising military exercises by his troops, in a climate of tension with Donald Trump’s United States. North Korea was outraged at a joint US-South Korea military exercise; however, Trump announced in a tweet that the exercises would be cancelled.

Un exercice de parachutisme dans un lieu inconnu en Corée du Nord

At a conference of Asian defence ministers in Bangkok on Sunday, US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said that the US had indefinitely postponed a joint military training exercise with South Korea as part of an “act of goodwill” towards North Korea. Negotiations between Trump and One on nuclear power have been suspended while tensions between their two countries are still very high.


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