Presidents Talon and buhari ©abujaitv

Presidents Patrice Talon of Benin, Issifou Mahamadou of Niger will hold a tripartite session on Thursday November 14th, 2019 with Nigerian President on the closure of the Nigerian borders.

Since the closure of some of Nigeria’s borders, the heads of state of the countries concerned by this closure have held numerous discussions with the eastern giant to find a solution to this border crisis that is having a negative impact on trade.

In this perspective, a new tripartite meeting is planned to be held on Thursday November 14th 2019 between President Buhari, Talon Issifou. This umpteenth meeting between these heads of state will provide an opportunity to review the measures taken by Benin and Niger to meet the requirements of the Abuja authorities. At the end of the discussions, the Federal State of Nigeria may well reverse its decision to keep its borders closed until the end of December.

As a reminder, on August 20th, 2019, Nigeria unilaterally announced the partial closure of its border with its western neighbour, Benin. Reason given: to prevent the movement between the two countries of contraband products that flood the Nigerian market every day. While this measure initially seemed to target the former Dahomey Republic, concerns are beginning to emerge that its consequences will be extended to the whole of West Africa, of which Nigeria is the main economic lung.  Since then, discussions have been held between the heads of state of the countries concerned. But Nigeria has remained inflexible until now.


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