Making love, the other best remedy to effectively fight the flu e

At the arrival of the winter and/or cool period, various unpleasant ailments set in, such as colds, flu, etc. Fever and chills invade us with a runny nose. According to one study, making love is the best remedy needed to fight this disease that holds all our senses hostage.

The symptoms that usually appear when you have a cold or flu are: fever, chills and runny nose. So the first reflex for quick relief is to go to your doctor, and fill your medicine box with all kinds of medicines. Others, on the other hand, use grandmother’s advice and natural herbal tea.

But here’s some good news for people over 18 who are already in a relationship. According to the COSMOPOLITAN information site, a serious study was carried out by researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. According to the results obtained, the most effective remedy for influenza and any other winter cold disease is not in a bottle of syrup or a plate of capsules. To relieve these ills, there is only one solution: making love.

How is this study conducted?

The same source informs that the researchers conducted an extensive study with a group of men and women over 18 years of age. This study consisted of asking them about the frequency of their sexual intercourse. Afterwards, they divided them into different groups according to their answers. The researchers then carried out saliva tests and obtained results that speak for themselves. The most sexually active people are those who have the most antibodies.

Is sex good for health?

The results are very simple to understand and have been validated by many physicians. Making love activates the blood circulation. This increases the level of immunoglobulin A in the blood, a powerful antibody. The conclusion that emerges is that those who make love during the winter or in periods of extreme cold rarely get sick.


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