In the decision handed down on Monday, 18 November 2019, the Second Class Court of First Instance of Lokossa acquitted Mr Emmanuel S. who was allegedly charged in a rape case. 

Mr. Emmanuel S; allegedly accused in a rape case has been released since Monday, 18 November 2019. Indeed, in its decision, the Lokossa Second Class Court of First Instance acquitted him for the benefit of doubt.

A look back at the facts:

The facts that were the subject of this sentence from the Lokossa Second Class Court of First Instance date back to 2002. According to the account of the facts reported by the Benin Press Agency, the victim, the 14-year-old C.H. girl at the time of the events, was attending a “Cocou” fetish ceremony in Awamè in the commune of Comè, of which she is a fan, H.T. a co-adept of the same fetish, persuading her to accompany her to her home in Akokponawa in the commune of Bopa.

The girl is not being asked too much. Once there, H.T. introduced the little C.H. to her younger brother Emmanuel S., who prevented her from returning home and maintained sexual relations with her for several weeks. The young girl, meanwhile sought by her family during this period when she had become sexual prey to her captor, will eventually be found at H.T.’s home.

From the hearing to the court decision: 

On the stand, the accused, supported by his counsel, denies the facts. But despite his position, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in his requisition requests that he be sentenced to criminal imprisonment in accordance with the law. The judge, after analysing the facts and deciding on the fate of the defendant, goes beyond the requisition of the public prosecutor and acquits the accused for the benefit of the doubt. The civil plaintiff is dismissed in its claims. However, he reminds the parties that they have 15 days to appeal the decision.


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