Ph: Messi and Thiago Silva-Bleacher Report

After months of absence Lionel Messi answered Argentina’s call on Friday. Pulga gave her country the victory with a penalty goal against Brazil. Thiago Silva, Brazil’s defender, seems to have been unable to digest the circumstances that allowed the Argentinian to score the only goal of the game. 

Does Messi have an influence on referees? At least that’s what Brazilian defender Thiago Silva thinks. For Thiago Silva, the referee who officiated the Brazil-Argentina match did not do his duty and Messi reportedly tried repeatedly to force the referee’s hand: “Messi is trying to force the referee to give him dangerous free kick situations. (…) We are taken hostage, the referees have to stop with that, they can’t let him control the matches,” he argued.

In addition to Thiago Silva, Brazil coach Tite, also complained about the match referee. In particular, he points out his lack of experience.


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