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In contract with PSG until 2022, tricolour champion Kylian Mbappé is currently being announced for Real Madrid. As one of the key figures of the club in the French capital, the Parisian authorities are obviously afraid to see him get involved with another club. Will he leave or not? Mbappé finally decided.

A possible departure of world champion Kylian Mbappé frightens the Parisian authorities in this pre-mercato period. The PSG leaders are aware of the effectiveness, the importance of the French champion and the interest shown by Real Madrid, which even has a budget of €300 million for his recruitment. “He will decide his future,” Zinedine Zidane told a press conference before adding that “Mbappé’s dream is to play for Real Madrid one day. »

This new declaration of Casa Blanca’s love for the French prodigy is seen as too much by the Parisian authorities, who have already begun negotiations with Mbappé in order to extend his contract. And success seems not to be far away because, Mbappé would be willing to continue the adventure with the PSG. The player wants to triumph with the club in the French capital according to an announcement he made privately and revealed by the Team.

According to the French media, if Mbappé had any doubts after the Champions League’s Round of 16 defeat against Manchester United last season, he would privately confess that he is very attached to PSG and that he intends to triumph with the club in his hometown. It remains to be seen whether this will be sufficient to consider an extension of the contract.


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