Ph: Jonathan Morrison and Maria Mobil-L-FRII

Jonathan Morrison, Maria Mobil’s lover, has made revelations about his relationship with Maria Mobil. The professional footballer admits that he had no intention of starting a romance with the sulphurous Maria Mobil.

Once unknown to the general public, Jonathan Morrison and Maria Mobil are nowadays the stars of social networks. In addition to their star life, the two crabs seem to get along well on a emotional level. However, this relationship of the professional footballer and dancer in the clips was unlikely to come about. According to Jonathan Morrison’s confidences, he had no intention of getting involved with Maria Mobil. Is it a love born by accident ?

“At first I had no intention of getting involved with her. It wasn’t my goal, it wasn’t my goal to pick her up, etc. She too had no intention of getting in a relationship with me. It all started with a smile, we laughed, we exchanged. She loved my vibe, I loved her too. That’s where it all started,” says Jonathan Morrison.


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