La veuve et les enfants du chanteur Johnny Hallyday à ces funerailles le 9 decembre 2017 a [email protected] Presse

On Wednesday, 6 November 2019, the hearing for Johnny Hallyday’s legacy lasted only seven minutes. It emerged from the meeting that Laeticia Hallyday’s decision to waive her appeal, her advice and that of Laura Smet and David Hallyday soon led to an agreement. But the lawyers on both sides cast doubt on a possible negotiation.

As Laeticia Hallyday wanted, the time has now come to calm down since her decision to no longer appeal the court’s decision on Johnny Hallyday’s nationality. At a new hearing on Wednesday, within the walls of the Versailles Court of Appeal, Johnny’s elders waived the 7,000 euros in lawyers’ fees they had been claiming until then. According to the lawyers cited by Le Figarot, it was now sufficient to “pay the lawyers’ fees and verify that San Pasquale, Laeticia’s American trustee, was also withdrawing”.

Pierre-Jean Douvier, David Hallyday’s lawyer and his colleague Laura Smet’s lawyer Emmanuel Ravanas refused to confirm or deny, according to Gala, the existence of ongoing negotiations between the two clans to reach an agreement without having to go through the courts. Pending the next hearing scheduled for 12 December 2019, Laeticia’s counsel are expected to deliver their conclusions at a “readiness for trial” hearing before the major pleadings scheduled for 2020.


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