Johnny Hallyday Legacy: a deal reached, another victory for David and Laura Smet

 Wednesday 6th November  2019 morning, David Hallyday and Laura Smet’s lawyers have been in full negotiations with the laeticians regarding Johnny’s legacy. But the elders and the widow seem to have reached an agreement.

The two parties who are fighting over Johnny Hallyday’s inheritance, notably his widow and elders, will now be determined by the French courts  which will decide on the division of the inheritance. In an article published on his website, the Parisian revealed the background of these negotiations which precede the next hearing scheduled for December 12 at the Nanterre court (Hauts-de-Seine). According to the media, the hearing in Versailles lasted only 7 minutes, the time to take note of Laeticia’s decision but also to cancel the 7000 euros requested by Laura and David from Laeticia for their legal expenses. “An agreement was reached between lawyers on Tuesday evening. This is a sign of a warming of relations between the three parties,” says the Parisian.

But this Wednesday morning, Laeticia’s lawyers were represented while Laura Smet and David Hallyday’s lawyers were almost all represented. “With Læticia Hallyday’s new team of lawyers, wisdom and lucidity have returned. We have regained serenity. And we salute their awareness and courage. ” explained Mr Douvier, David’s lawyer, out of court, reported the same source. And to Me Ravanas, Laura Smet’s lawyer, to pronounce himself following a meeting between lawyers which took place the day before in Paris in the greatest secrecy. “We are talking to each other. We have always said that we are in favour of negotiation. But also that we expect proof of love”.


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