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Third division clubs in Ivory Coast have given their support to Didier Drogba for his candidacy for the position of President of the Ivorian Football Federation (IFF), BBC said.

Didier Drogba, an international football legend and a leading sports figure in Côte d’Ivoire, wants to run for the head of the country’s football body. According to him, this decision is taken in order to restore the image of the country’s game. The 41-year-old former player met on Wednesday in Abidjan with more than 20 presidents and representatives of lower-level clubs to share his plans with them. The different club owners appreciated his approach in different ways.

“Didier Drogba presented his programme with great maturity and humility, which is very attractive and promising, I must admit,” Anzouan Kouakou, President of Séraphin FC, told the local press after Wednesday’s meeting. He thinks “it would be very interesting for us to have a leader like him as president of the federation, because he surprised us with his maturity in football management. He is now an icon whose image attracts tourism but can also restore the image of Ivorian football.”

Lack of experience

However, even with all its notoriety, some people are reluctant about Drogba’s ability to do the Job. According to BBC, the winner of the 1992 Nations Cup, Oumar Ben Salah, suggested that Drogba still had to learn the trade before competing for first place.

I don’t want him to misinterpret my words. But I’ve been wondering for days whether Didier[Drogba] has thought it through,” said Ben Salah. He adds that Drogba “has a great name. He was wearing the national jersey even though he did not win the Nations Cup. He has proven his talent in clubs too, but IFF is too early for Drogba. Let him gain experience first, because that’s his weakness. He has played at the highest level, but it is not enough to want to lead the IFF.”

Nominations for the presidency of IFF should be submitted no later than next month. Drogba plans to succeed outgoing President Augustin Sidy Diallo, whose term of office will expire next month, while Ivorian football has been on the decline in recent years.


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