Benin: Aurélien Agbénonci's assurances on the reopening of borders

In some border areas between Benin and Nigeria, incidents were recorded at the end of this week. According to reports, some Nigerians broke into shops owned by Beninese people to seize bags of rice. In response to this situation, Minister Aurelien Agbénonci summoned the Nigerian Ambassador to Benin on Saturday, 16th November, to tell him the four truths.

The head of Benin’s diplomacy does not agree with the event in some ereas of Nigerians border. He expressed his anger at the Nigerian Ambassador to Benin. In fact, informed about the situation, Aurelien Agbénonci convened Ambassador Emmanuel Kayode Oguntuase to his office for an exchange session.

Aurelien Agbénonci expressed the outrage of the Beninese government and called on the Nigerian authorities to take steps to ensure that the perpetrators of these acts are punished. “Strong protest by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Aurelien AGBENONCI, following unacceptable incidents in Benin’s Nigerian border regions on Beninese territory”, according to the report published on the official page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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