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British forces in Afghanistan and Iraq are reported to have committed crimes that can be described as war crimes. According to Al Jazeera, these crimes are reportedly being investigated by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The killings of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq have been hidden by the state, a BBC news programme reported on Monday. The United Kingdom Defence Ministry denied the allegations. According to Al Jazeera site report,”children have been killed, civilians tortured and British troops have been complicit in the evidence contained in a series of disclosed documents from the Iraqi Historical Allegations Team (IHAT)”. According to media reports, the team and Operation Northmoor, which investigated allegations of war crimes in Afghanistan, were closed by the British government in 2017 after Phil Shiner, a lawyer who had brought over 1,000 cases to IHAT, was disbarred.

The results of the team’s investigations were made public and the International Criminal Court indicated that it took these accusations “very seriously”, according to the BBC. “The ICC said it would independently assess the BBC’s findings and initiate a landmark case if it thought the government was protecting soldiers from prosecution,” the company reported Monday morning. Al Jazeera also reported that “the investigation, which lasted one year, allegedly obtained evidence of the murder of a SAS Special Forces soldier, as well as deaths in custody, beatings, torture and sexual violence against detainees by members of the Black Watch”.


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