Hamburgers Ph: topratedsteakhouses

Did you know? 100% of burgers would contain… faeces, announced an American consumer magazine.

The hamburger is a simple, inexpensive dish that can be eaten quickly. It is suitable for construction site workers. According to a scientific study commissioned by the American consumer magazine Consumer Reports, Science and the Future, it has been reported that the vast majority of burgers contain… faeces. The media explains that the biologists in charge of this study purchased 300 boxes of industrial minced steaks (200 kg in total) sold in 103 stores (grocery stores, supermarkets, organic shops) located in 26 cities in the United States. “The researchers also analyzed 181 samples of minced meat from “conventional farming” (representing 97% of hamburger meat sold in the United States) and 116 samples of “organic” meat (without antibiotics)” reports the same source.

According to the result, almost all minced meat, whether from “organic” agriculture or not, contains bacteria involving faecal contamination: enterococci (see graph below). Better still, the result prevents that it is a bacterium that usually resides in the human intestine but can cause blood or urinary tract infections, or in rare cases, septicaemia.


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