Potential winners of the Golden [email protected] wiwsport.com

In the race for the most prestigious individual trophy on the planet of football, the African duo from Liverpool Mané-Salah is supported by former Cameroonian glory Samuel Eto’o.

When asked by Calciomerctao on Thursday 14th November 2019, legend Eto’o reiterated his support for Liverpool’s two strikers in the run-up to the Golden Ball. Samuel Eto’o hopes to see Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané lift the Golden Ball trophy one of these days: “Even with us, fans would rather see a Messi goal,” he said. “I have won so many trophies and made so many dreams come true that for me, it is as if I had never won or I won it just for myself. I hope to see Salah and Sadio Mané one day,” concluded the Cameroonian.


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