Golden Ball 2019: Didier Drogba's strategy game to make Sadio Mané win drogba @ AfrikMag

Can the international Senegalese footballer Sadio Mané win the Golden Ball? Lovers of African round leather will answer in the affirmative. And already, Ivorian football legend Didier Drogba has found a very good strategy to make Mané win.

In an interview with Football Stories, Didier Drogba spoke again about the 2019 Golden Ball. The Ivorian legend who will be the mastermind of the ceremony scheduled for   2nd December 2019 has a weakness for Sadio Mané and does not hide it. The former Chelsea Blues striker has a technique to help the Senegalese. In fact, he never ceases to communicate about himself in ceremonies, on television sets, but also on social networks: “I have a little crush on Sadio Mané. Not just because he is African, but because he has performed well throughout the past sporting year.

According to him, Sadio Mané has been performing well throughout the past sporting year.  “He won the Champions League by being very good in the final, the whole season with Liverpool he was decisive, he made accessit on accessit. With Senegal, they go to the final of the AFCON. For me, he’s a potential winner,” said Didier Drogba to Senego, who has no hesitation in beating the campaign for the Senegalese striker from Liverpool. Better still, Didier Drogba, who was invited by the French TV channel team  on Monday 21st October, when the list of the 30 nominees for the 2019 Ballon d’Or was announced, gave his favourites by directing his choice towards Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah, both winners of the European Champions League with Liverpool

Candidate for the presidency of the Ivorian Football Federation, former captain of the Ivorian Elephants, Didier Drogba launched his campaign on Wednesday 13th November 2019. As such, he was in front of the heads of Ivorian clubs on Wednesday 13th November  2019, at Sofitel Ivoire Hotel in Abidjan.


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