Fort Boyard: the day Mani Bella ate rotten fish while crying

In a publication on her Facebook page with more than 235,898 subscribers, Cameroonian singer Mani Bella unveiled a picture that reminds us of the day she ate rotten fish. 

For almost a year, Mani bella has been running a campaign against depigmentation. A few weeks ago, the one for whom naturalness is a gift from God broadcast a video in which she cried and ate FORT BOYARD’s rotten fish. According to him, it is through his TV that a woman like “I took the famous picture”. In the video available on youtube, from 2m45 to 3min 29 Mani Bella who was under pressure from Gohou Michel could not help but vomit.

Admire the beauty of ORGANIC beauty… WITHOUT NDJANSANG. You don’t mess up what’s clean! Tchuiiipsssss! Thank you Key edj for the vidéo❤ End of the story” she put in caption of a photo taken during the FORT BOYARD show of Master Gohou.


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