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Arsène Wenger is back in service. After an unforgettable 22-year stint on Arsenal bench, the Alsatian was promoted to FIFA’s “football development manager”, reports Goal.

He was seen on the bench of another major European club, such as Bayern Munich, but Arsène Wenger beat all expectations. The now former coach has been appointed to the world football governing body and will participate, as his new position indicates, in the development of the game. He expressed his enthusiasm for taking on new challenges.

I look forward to meeting this extremely important challenge, not only because I have always been interested in analysing football from a broader perspective, but also because FIFA’s mission as the governing body of world football is truly global. I think that the new FIFA that we have seen emerge in recent years places sport itself at the heart of its objectives and is determined to develop the game in its many different components. I know that I can contribute to this goal and will devote all my energy to it,” said Wenger.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino also reacted enthusiastically to the appointment, reports Goal. “Arsene Wenger’s deep knowledge and passion for the different aspects of our game distinguish him as one of the most respected personalities in football. I am delighted to welcome him to the team,” said Infantino. He added that “since I joined FIFA, we have put football at the heart of our mission, striving to learn from those who know the sport inside out: Arsène is a person who, with his strategic vision, skills and hard work, has dedicated his life to football. His arrival is just an example of how we are strengthening our goal of bringing FIFA back to football and football back to FIFA.”


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