José Mario Vaz, président en exercice de la Guiné[email protected]

ECOWAS Heads of State and Government met at an extraordinary summit on Friday 8 November in Niamey, Niger, to discuss the political crisis in Guinea-Bissau. President José Mario Vaz did not honour this appointment.

Guinea’s Head of State, José Mario Vaz, did not attend the extraordinary ECOWAS summit in Niger. Personality at the heart of the crisis, the leader boycotted the invitation of the sub-regional organisation. After the dismissal of his government and the appointment of a new team, the crisis has intensified with two governments discussing power. ECOWAS has renewed its support to the dismissed government, which is supposed to conduct the electoral process until its end.

The Abuja institution has already called on the members of the new government to return their aprons at the risk of being punished. Finally, Mario Vaz has been in office since June 2019 and remains in office until the election after the intervention of ECOWAS. His refusal to respond to his invitation is proof that there is no longer any connection between the leader and the institution. The heads of state will now have to decide his fate in order to preserve peace.

Sanctions in sight?

In this sense, several options are available to it. Either the ECOWAS force intervenes through military action at the “Yahya Jammeh” or ECOWAS dismisses him as President since his elected term has expired. Sanctions such as asset freezes and travel bans would not be so excluded. What is certain is that a long-term solution is expected at the end of this Niamey summit.


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