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Nigerian singer Davido has been the subject of controversy for a few hours. On social networks and the media, the information that Davido was arrested is widely reported.

What really happened with Davido in Dubai? According to several media outlets, including Afrishow.net, the Nigerian artist was arrested after a clash. According to Leral, Davido was involved in an ambush. To this rumour, the artist and none of his staff reacted. However, in his environment the information was denied.

According to Soso Soberekon’s comments reported by the Abikenews website, Davido has not been arrested and is travelling to London to attend a concert with friends artists. “Arrest? Lol davido goes to London to support his Mayorkun artist,” reports Leral.net. Despite these clarifications, the rumour has not yet faded. Only the artist’s reaction could put a definitive end to it.


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