DRC: Congolese MP Claudel Lubaya reacts to the "Sextape Héritier Watanabé" phot: AZ 237

The Congolese singer Héritier Watanabe with his sexual partner Naomie Mbando were released on Monday 18th November 2019 after being arrested last Saturday. A situation that did not leave MP Claudel Lubaya unaffected.

Congolese police arrested according to provincial commissioner Sylvano Kasongo Héritier Watanabé and Naomie for “indecent assault” and ” pimping“. The reason: from the beginning of last week, the artist published a video in which he was in the middle of a sexual debate with a woman identified as Naomie. According to politico.cd, MP Claudel Lubaya calls on police and judicial authorities to avoid a double standard of justice in the case of the sex tape of the artist musician Héritier Watanabe. “Without making a value judgment on the so-called acts of morals accused of the artist musician Watanabe, I nevertheless note, not without regret, the diligence of justice to put him under arrest while the same justice struggles to act on certain current cases including those of murder and remains tender towards the Provincial Minister of the Interior of Kinshasa who had a citizen executed by his bodyguard,” he wrote on his official Facebook page.

For Congolese MP Claudel Lubaya, “Such an attitude undermines the basic principles of the rule of law and therefore makes our official line on the distribution of justice ambiguous.” It should be noted that after their provisional release, Héritier Watanabé expressed his regrets and apologies to his fans. The same goes for Naomie, who, after clarifying that she is a single woman without children, asked her mother and all her relatives for forgiveness for the inconvenience.


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