Candide Azannaï: "President TALON wanted to place all on the others"

Following the media release of the Head of State on France 24 and Fir, Candide Azannaï, Patrice Talon’s former Minister of Defence, expressed his disappointment with the content of the communication and wondered about the involvement of the Marina’s tenant in everything that had happened.

Turning to political reforms, in this case the electoral laws that excluded several political parties from the last parliamentary elections, Patrice Talon said that it was the deputies who were in parliament before his election who passed the laws. He did not wear members of Parliament. This statement offends the president of the Restoring Hope party. Candide Azannaï does not share this version and wonders: “Have you forgotten that on 11th April  2019, you Patrice TALON, while from all over the world you were warned of the danger of electoral exclusion, what did you answer? Do you want to deny that you said, not to fear taking the blame for the consequences of an electoral exclusion?“, asks the former ally of the break-up regime.

Regarding the killings during the election demonstrations, the Head of State repeated the reports of his Minister of the Interior. Sacca Lafia had already confirmed that the army had used “lethal” weapons to legitimately defend itself. The Head of State confirmed this yesterday except that he made it clear that “it was hunters who opened fire and legitimate defence forced the defence forces to do so. Wrong!” replied Candide Azannaï. “It was disgusting to hear you say it: hunters killed in COTONOU and KANDI on 1st May  and 2, 2019? Who besieged his predecessor’s home in CADJEHOUN on 1st May 2019 and when?“, asks the initiator of “tchéké”. Very visibly uplifted after listening to the Head of State, he said: “Benin is a country of peace. In a country of peace, force and the criminal use of lethal weapons are not used for any reason whatsoever to impose hallucinatory reforms on laws that are inoperative, incongruous and inapplicable because they do not correspond to the realities of the people against the popular will”.

Expectations of resistance

Candide Azannaï, as usual now, reminds us, for all intents and purposes, of the objective of resistance. He insists that he must not, under any circumstances, be substituted for Boni Yayi.

ECOWAS, as you seem to forget, highlighted this to you in points 45, 46, 47 on the post-electoral political situation in Benin in the official statement of its 55th Summit of Heads of State and Government in June 2019 in ABUJA.
I would like to repeat myself and tell you, Mr. Patrice TALON, that no agreement between you and Boni YAYI can be the balance either of the innocent victims or of the cause, let alone the objective of the National Resistance. Do I have to remind you:
– The cause of the National Resistance remains:
– liberticidal laws
– the exclusion
– the confiscation of legislative power
– the killings
– the constitutional Shot of state
– The objective of the National Resistance remains:
– Rehabilitation of the memory of innocent victims,
– The Restoration of Freedom and the Rule of Law,
– The Restoration of Democracy,
– Safeguarding the achievements of the National Conference.
– The Reconciliation of the Boni Yayi Nation..


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