Burkina-Faso: the army inflicts a heavy loss on terrorists in the north of the country 

Burkina Faso’s armed forces have conducted military operations in the north of the country. According to the army, these operations have resulted in the killing of at least 32 terrorists and the release of several women held in sexual slavery.

At least 32 extremist militants were neutralized in northern Burkina by the army. 24 were killed in the Yorsala forest and 8 others in the town of Bourzanga. These people were neutralized following heavy fighting in two major operations. One soldier also died during the fighting.

According to the army, large quantities of weapons and ammunition were seized in Burzanga after several women and children were rescued in the Yorsala forest where women were kept in sexual slavery. Jihadist militants have increased attacks in recent days in northern Faso with several soldiers and civilians killed.


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