Burkina Faso: 12 months in prison and a million fine for Rama "the slamer" Rama la the slamer @ Tackborse.TV_

In Burkina Faso, singer Rama la Slameuse was sentenced to 12 months suspended prison and a fine of one (01) million CFA francs.

Her name is Rasmata Diallo aka Rama the slamer, a musician and artist who is very active on social networks. She was sentenced on Friday 8th November 2019 to 12 months suspended prison and a fine of CFAF 01 million. In fact, Rasmata Diallo had been deposited at the Ouagadougou prison and correctional facility on 24 June 2019 for money laundering. According to infowakat, she is also prosecuted for: rebellion, invasion of privacy, conditional threats, death threats, contempt of court and discrediting a judicial act.

She was placed under a detention warrant and was granted provisional release on 16 August 2019 for health reasons.


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