Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron @ Marie Claire

The French presidential couple Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron went to the cinema in the middle of the afternoon.

Ce qu’ils ne veulent pas que je dise” (“What they don’t want me to say”) is the title of Alexandre Benalla’s book that tells the unlikely afternoon he organized for Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron in the cinema. In his book, What they don’t want me to say, Alexandre Benalla told, according to Gala, a trip of the President of the Republic and the First Lady who wanted to go to a dark room while they were on the weekend at the Lantern in Versailles. “On a Saturday, the aide de camp called me: “The president and his wife want to go to the cinema this afternoon. Can you organize this?”, wrote the former head of security of the head of state. “I have the name of the theatre, located in a shopping centre in the Yvelines, and the film’s schedule,” he says.

According to the author, it was Arnaud Montebourg’s former driver who mobilized an important human resource to make this day a smooth one. “I’m notifying a team from the GSPR (Security Group of the Presidency of the Republic, editor’s note). They are positioned at strategic locations near each access point. When the couple arrives, everything is safe. I bring them into the room as the lights go off. Not seen or known. They can quietly enjoy this moment of relaxation.” Unfortunately, the Macron’s happiness lasted only a few minutes.

According to Benalla’s account, “The exit, on the other hand, is under the spotlight. As soon as the room lights up, they are spotted. Always kind, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, took the opportunity to greet the French who wanted him.”


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