MECEB staff photo: Félicien Agossè

For more than two months, Nigeria has decided to close its borders with neighbouring countries, including Benin. The MECEB Party believes that this is a unilateral decision by Nigeria that violates ECOWAS agreements on the free movement of persons and goods.

Nigeria’s decision to close its borders does not respect ECOWAS agreements on the free movement of persons and goods and the principles of the Free Trade Area and Good Neighbourly Relations Agreement. This is the opinion of the Movement of Elites Committed to the Emancipation of Benin (Meceb), which makes recommendations to the government.

Jacques Ayadji’s party invites the Beninese government to continue “its diplomatic efforts to ensure a successful outcome to the situation, the effects of which on national economic activity are felt by the people”. He also invited the population to take advantage of this situation of border closures to develop economic patriotism by opting for the consumption of local products.


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