Bolivia: President Evo Morales resigns under the pressure of the army @France 24

The re-election of Bolivian President Evo Morales a few days ago in an election contested by the opposition has led to widespread violence in the country. On Sunday, the army chief asked the president to resign “for the good of Bolivia”.

A few hours after the Bolivian army chief, General Williams Kaliman, asked the President to renounce his mandate to preserve peace in the country, President Evo Morales complied on Sunday 10th November 2019. The latter announced his resignation during a televised speech. This development leaves the country, which has experienced weeks of political unrest, in a situation of even greater uncertainty.

Morales had announced the resumption of the presidential election but this did not satisfy the demonstrators. Several of his ministers and other politicians have announced their resignation from their various posts to challenge the legitimacy of the president.

Sunday of resignations

The Evo Morales have tred well to start to calm down the people on 10th November but without success. In response to the crisis, several ministers and deputies, including the President of the Assembly resigned on 10th November.

The Minister of Hydrocarbons, Luis Alberto Sanchez resigned and stated in a letter published on social networks: “The course of events goes against my personal principles, as well as my spiritual and democratic values. The Minister of Mines, César Navarro, has also resigned his post, saying he wants to “preserve my family” after the fire in his house and the attack on his nephew.


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