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Sébastien Germain Ajavon, honorary president of the Liberal Social Union (LSU) party, pays tribute to Albert Tévoédjrè and talks about the strong points he has retained from Djrègbé’s fox life.

Message of the Liberal Social Union on the death of Professor Albert TEVOEDJRE.

Sad news has seized the entire Beninese nation on this 6th November 2019 morning : The disappearance of Professor Albert TEVOEDJRE. May his soul rest in peace!
My condolences and compassion to his wife and the whole family.

Albert TEVOEDJRE has been an authoritative voice in the political and social life of our country since its independence.

After honoring Benin at the BIT, and then after the revolutionary interlude he suffered in his flesh, he made a solid contribution to democracy restoration in Benin at the time of the national conference in February 1990. He was in all the battles. I would like to mention  particularly his fight for peace through interfaith dialogue. This harmoniously completes the mission of mediator of the Republic that he exercised a few years ago.

Very filially, I greet the man of faith, conviction and constancy both nationally and internationally.

May his memory be forever remembered!

Sébastien Ajavon


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