Benin: Urban Amégbédji reassures aspirants to the teaching profession

The General Director of the National Employment Agency (Nea) Urbain Amégbédji was the guest of the 8pm newspaper on national television on Monday 18th November. He reassured that 9,000 aspirants are paid and the other three thousand have to complete certain formalities.

Twelve thousand aspiring teachers were deployed throughout the country. On the national television set, Dg/Anpe deplored the delay in the payment of bonuses. Indeed, he explains, this unexpected delay is due to several factors. The first reason is that not all teachers, if not aspiring teachers, took up their duties at the same time. The other incident that delayed premium transfers was the processing of bank identity statements (BIS).

But, he reassures us, that situation is already combined with the past. Transfers are now made, he said. The good news is that the head of state, according to Urbain Amégbédji, has given instructions for the November elections to be fired. This was done with the agreement of the Ministry of Finance officials. But, he says, more than three thousand aspirants are not paid because they have provided non-functional Ribs. This is why he invites them to contact the Anpe agencies in their locality to correct the malfunctions.


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