Benin: Togbè Yéton without producer henceforth,Tyaf leaves Méko Prod forever artists Tyaf and Togbe Yéton

In a video published on his Facebook page, the Beninese singer Tyaf announced that he was definitely leaving Meko Prod and that he was no longer the producer of the hooded rapper Togbè Yéton.

At the wheel of his own destiny, the Beninese singer Tyaf has started a new phase in his history by ending his collaboration with Meko prod. According to the artist, this decision is final and irreversible. “From now on, Tyaf will be working under the effigy of his own label, the Djabi gan Entertainment, I decided to put an end to more than 5 years of collaboration, with ups and downs, moments of joy and sorrow, many beautiful achievements but also failures, that we must admit” he told his fans.

According to Tyaf, his fans will “never again and never again hear that Tyaf has set foot in this house, or that we have had any collaboration. You understand therefore that I am no longer a producer of Togbè Yéton either” he will announce.


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