Benin: the Ministry of Public Service on a crusade against corruption Photo: Youtube

Since the morning of Tuesday 12th November the Ministry of Labour and Civil Service has been organizing a workshop to assess the progress made and to rebuild the anti-corruption machinery in the civil service.

Adidjatou Mathys, launching the work, welcomed the daily efforts to reduce corruption in the public administration. A few years ago, she confessed, the integrity of the administration’s executives was weak. To reverse the trend, reforms have been undertaken. These reforms have given us hope for a better future. This is why the Minister urges the participants in this workshop to take stock of the actions taken in order to propose a better framework to boost corruption far from habits.

The representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) welcomed Benin’s progress in the fight against corruption. He hopes that the administrative executives who are not yet in the dynamic will take action to ensure that Benin really takes off.



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