Benin -The "the filaos" residence: Kérékou family's reply

The day after the statement by the Minister of Communication and Post, government spokesman Alain Orounla, on the probable intention of the children of the late General Mathieu Kérékou to split up “the filaos” residence in order to sell it, the foundation bearing the name of the former head of state asked for a contradictory debate.

Ali Houdou wants to break the silence. The Minister of Communication, the government spokesman, said on television sets on Wednesday 6th November that the children of the man of 26 October want to split up the plot containing “the filaos” residence  and sell it. Wrong! retorts the children of General Mathieu Kérékou in a statement signed by the General Secretary of the family. Since this was not enough, the foundation named after the Chameleon also wants to contribute its share of the truth.

Ali Houdou, former minister and Mathieu Kérékou’s close collaborator, deplores the minister’s communication, which is far from reality. That is why he wants to contradict it on a television set in order to bring the truth to the Beninese people. The question is whether the Minister will make himself available for the exercise.


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