National Assembly of Benin © Presidency of la République

Members of Parliament are expected to clean up the electoral code and two other pieces of legislation on Monday 11 November. But nothing was done until this Tuesday morning. Sources close to the parliament explain and indicate the new date of the plenary session.

The deputies were unable to study the amending law on the Electoral Code yesterday, Monday 11 November. And for good reason, the Law Commission has not completed its work in committee to have the document studied in plenary. Like the electoral code, two other texts are on the table of commissioners. These are the bills on the public financing of political parties and the status of the opposition.

Under these circumstances, the two parliamentary groups had to consult each other behind closed doors to organise themselves differently. Generally well-informed sources indicate that the committee will be able to table its report on Tuesday so that the plenary can take place tomorrow, Wednesday, 13 November. This shows how much Parliament wants to empty political laws before the debate on the state budget for the year 2020.


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