OHADA: Professor Joseph Djogbénou leads a conference in Paris today

The Constitutional Court has just authorized on Thursday, November 14, 2019, the Head of State to promulgate the law on the Electoral Code in the Republic of Benin.

The court recognized the Law 2019-43 on the Electoral Code in accordance with the Constitution. It was seized by the Head of State for this routine check. It should be noted that the law was adopted in the early morning of Thursday 14th November, unanimously by the members present and represented.


  1. His Exellency President Muhamed Buhari shull please join hand to gether with Patrice Talon and free both country from the terror of opposition , and let the bother to be reopen for a better future development .

  2. Since l was born opposition are only after their own benefit , no economic development , no hope for the youths future , now that this président Patrice Talon said things must be in other for a better development for the tomorrow of this country opposition said no , it is so sad , président Muhamed Buhari shull please invite bote side and give them a good advice .


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