Photo:Republicain Police

The republican police identified and then arrested the author of the publication of images of the home of former head of state, Mathieu Kérékou, on the web.

The person who first published the images from Mathieu Kérékou’s home, “les filaos”, on the Internet on Wednesday, 6 November, is now in the hands of the police, according to consistent sources. Until it is presented to the prosecutor to answer for the facts for which he is responsible, it is referred to as a “violation of the privacy” of the former head of state.

It is important to remember that the government undertook work on the estate inhabited by the late Mathieu Kérékou and his family for five years with the aim, explains the Minister of Communication, of perpetuating the general. But his family opposes this and claims to hold documents proving the private nature of the residence in question. In any case, the work is continuing and images of the personal belongings of the man who ruled the country for 27 years are found on social networks.


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