Benin - Port security: the access to the PAC is screened henceforth . Ph: Google

During Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3th November 2019 night the ship Bonita was attacked about 9 miles from the entrance pass to the Port of Cotonou. Nine (09) crew members were kidnapped by the pirates and have remained without news to date. In a press release issued on Monday 18th November, the company in charge of the ship took stock of the situation.

The ship Bonita left Cotonou on Thursday, November 14, 2019. But the abductees are always guarded by pirates. According to the company’s statement, the other crew members who were not abducted joined their families in Manila, Philippines, this past weekend. The company says it is committed to the safe return of the 09 abducted persons.

The ship Bonita was attacked by the pirates while “it was stranded and waiting to be programmed for the dock when the pirates appeared on board a boat”. The Beninese authorities have not been inactive in the face of this situation. Measures have been taken to strengthen security within the perimeter of the Port. Security forces are also working to bring back the kidnapped sailors.


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