2016 Presidential Election © vote 229

Since 15 November 2019, Benin has had a new electoral code that will have a major impact on the rules of the 2021 presidential elections. Indeed, the new code adopted by the 8th legislature establishes the system of sponsorship of candidates for presidential elections. For the 2021 elections, a mathematical demonstration shows that the National Autonomous Electoral Commission (Naec) will receive no more than ten (10) nomination papers.

With the review of the electoral code, Benin is gradually trying to turn the corner at a time when the Naec was receiving a plethora of candidates on behalf of the presidential elections. The sponsorship system that requires candidates for the post of President of the Republic to have the sponsorship of 10% of elected officials now limits the number of candidates. This new rule is introduced by Article 132 of the new Electoral Code.

From now on, to have your candidacy in the presidential elections validated, you must have the signature of 10% of the elected representatives (deputies and/or mayors), in addition to the conditions provided for by the Constitution in these articles 42 and 43. Considering that the Parliament currently has 83 deputies and Benin has 77 mayors, the presidents will therefore have to share 83+77 = 160 x 10% = 16 elected per candidate, which is equivalent to 10 candidates for the 160 elected.


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