In addition to the total absence of ideology, political conviction and geographical influence, Beninese political actors also drag the “virus” of political transhumance, an evil that has not been solved during the political reforms initiated by the Talon government with the support of national representation.

As part of the reforms included in his action programme, the current tenant of the Marina, President Patrice Talon, has focused on political reform with a partisan system to be transformed from top to bottom. But in practice, the choices made by the reformist president have not gained the support of the political class as a whole; the better they have led to a deep political crisis.

Even if, during the last political dialogue, some laws were revisited by the deputies, the charter of political parties did not find a real solution to the issue of political transhumance, which was one of the wounds that plague the country’s political life. Indeed, although the reforms have succeeded in drastically reducing the number of political parties, the issue of transhumance seems to have escaped parliamentarians. Indeed, it is sufficient to refer to the constitution of the two blocks of the power movement that generated its batches of transhumants. Better the positioning for the 2021 presidential election, a strong rumor of transhumance among the two blocs of the head of state. Even if some may say that leaving the Progressive Union for the Republican Bloc is not in itself a transhumance because it is a question of two twin formations, it is important to find provisions that are coercive enough to discourage this state of affairs that weakens political parties once and for all.


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