Benin - PARASEP project: grant checks given to 16 promoters of local products Ph: UE

As part of the Support Project for the Strengthening of Private Sector Actors (PARASEP), co-financed by the European Union and the French Development Agency for a total amount of CFAF 6.9 billion, 16 promoters of the pineapple, poultry and shea tree sectors received subsidy cheques in attendance.  

A total of 16 promoters benefited from the grant cheques on Tuesday,  19th November  2019. Promoters of the pineapple, poultry and shea tree sectors, members of the PARASEP project supported by 6.9 billion fcfa. It was this morning, at a ceremony
official launch of projects in agricultural sectors that will be supported by grants symbolized by the presentation of a cheque. These grants are awarded as part of the Project to Support the Strengthening of Private Sector Actors (PARASEP), co-financed by the European Union and the Agence française de développement.

In his speech, the head of the European Union delegation said that a vibrant private sector is a cornerstone of the country’s economic development and job creation. According to him, investment alone is not enough, it must be coupled with a strategic and deep diversification of the economy, the creation of added value and capacity building, both of institutions and economic operators, whether companies
production, and processing and inter-professional professions. The production and services offered, he continued, must contribute to a better competitiveness of products on the local, regional and international markets. To achieve this, he argues, it is necessary to improve the business climate by facilitating public-private dialogue. And on the other hand, by strengthening the capacities of the Beninese private sector through entrepreneurial training; by facilitating the marketing of agricultural products; and by improving the quality and competitiveness of promising sectors of the Beninese economy.

The channels selected: 

The sectors selected on the basis of national priorities and social and environmental concerns are pineapple, poultry and shea butter. These projects, worth CFAF 2.4 billion, were selected following a call for proposals. Four of them are run either by private operators or by inter-professional organisations in these sectors.

PARASEP provides direct financial and technical support to very small businesses and cooperatives. It also brings together the services of various key institutions for agricultural production standards and quality, such as the National Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control (ANM), the Beninese Food Safety Agency (ABSSA) and the Central Laboratory for Food Safety Control (LCSSA).

As for the inter-professions, they support the structuring of the sectors,
in particular by promoting the “Kari Benin” label, setting up a
central purchasing office for poultry inputs and equipment (IAB), a biosecurity and vaccination system (UNAP), and the implementation of a geographical indication pineapple sugar loaf (AIAB).
The project management of PARASEP is carried out by the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) and implementation has been entrusted to a design office (LINPICO).

Through this project, which is perfectly in line with Benin’s priorities
expressed in the Government’s Programme of Action, the GAP, the Union
The European Union reaffirms its support for the private sector for growth and employment, through an improvement in the business environment, competitiveness and innovation, and quality.


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