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Regardless of the plan that will be in place in 2020 or 2021, Beninese electoral agents recruited on candidacy are required to participate in the organization under penalty. This is the new formula found by MEPs to solve the problem of the high abstention rate recorded during the last legislative elections due to these agents.

At the end of the legislative elections on Sunday, 28 April 2019, the low turnout of Beninese voters tarnished the honour of the people’s elected representatives, who are struggling to get rid of the smell of illegitimacy that sticks to their skin. To settle this situation definitively in the future, they have introduced a binding provision in the electoral code to prevent election officers such as “DAA” or members of the polling station, for example, from evading their duties. Indeed, the article of the new electoral code stipulates: “Participating in the organization of elections is a civic duty that can be entrusted to any citizen. Anyone who accepts this duty cannot avoid it, under penalty of sanctions except in cases of circumstances beyond his control.” . A well-thought-out arrangement for bringing boycotts or agents who abandon the mission at the last minute into line.

Given that since the last parliamentary elections, things have not fundamentally changed on the side of the opposition political parties, which until now have remained without legal existence, with the exception of the Fceb, which has had an arrangement, the 2020 municipal elections could suffer the same fate as the last legislative elections. This possibility has just been resolved by this provision of the new electoral code, which threatens to punish any electoral officer who voluntarily refrains from doing what he was recruited to do in the context of the general organization of elections.


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