Jean Hounyovi aka Yvan Trésor died @ FB

Jean Hounyovi alias Yvan trésor, Beninese cultural promoter, died burned in his room on Monday, 19 November 2019.

Beninese showbiz is in mourning. Jean Hounyovi, better known by his nickname Yvan Trésor, died on Monday as a result of a fire in his home. Sources close to him tell that he had decided to rest in the workshop of his father Mr. Jb Hounyovi, a well-known Beninese designer and stylist and dressmaker of the former first lady Chantal Yayi.

Indeed, it all started when the workshop caught fire following a short circuit that hit his air conditioner. Awakened by the smoke, the most popular patron of Beninese in the Ivory Coast wanted to save some of his father’s very expensive brand creations. It was in a hurry that his own clothes caught fire. As unhappiness never comes alone, the time to save himself, a closet fell on him.

He will then be rescued by a passer-by, who hastily broke the window. But it was already too late. Released from the flames, it took at least an hour for the victim to be evacuated to the CNHU around 1 p.m. According to the medical corps who made haste Jean Hounyovi aka Yvan trésor was already burned in the 3rd degree and succumbed to his injuries in the evening of Monday, November 18, 2019. “More than 90% of the body was burned,” says My Additive. The same source indicates that his father would also be burned on the head and abdomen but to a low degree. The shocking images of the scene were broadcast with great fanfare on social networks.

As First Magazine reminds us, many star of coupé Décalé such as Douk Saga, DJ Arafat, DJ Mix, DJ Leo, Abu Nidal (…) to mention only those who sang his name “YVAN TRÉSOR DU BENIN” ( Ivan Trésor from Benin)


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