National assembly of Benin Photo: Benin Presidency

As part of the implementation of the recommendations resulting from the political dialogue, the deputies of the 8th legislature reviewed on Thursday 7 November the law n°2019-41 amending and completing law n°2018-23 of 17 September 2018 on the Charter of Political Parties in the Republic of Benin. Three provisions of the Act were amended and supplemented during the review.

Adopted during the 7th legislature, Act No. 2018-23 of 17 September 2018 on the Charter of Political Parties in the Republic of Benin was a source of discord by excluding certain parties from the electoral process of the 28 April 2019 legislative elections. To prevent such situations from arising, the 8th legislature amended Articles 21, 23 and 25 of the Act.

Contents of the amended and completed articles

New Article 21: “In the event that the administrative declaration of incorporation file does not comply with the law, the Minister of the Interior shall notify the concerned political party of the reasons for the non-compliance. The deficiencies on which the non-compliance is based shall be identified and notified at one time. No further new deficiencies may subsequently be notified. The notification shall be made by registered letter or delivered by hand, against discharge, to one of the representatives of the political party. The political party may refer the matter to the administrative chamber of the territorially competent court within fifteen days of receipt of the notification letter. The administrative chamber of the territorially competent court shall decide by urgent procedure”.

New Article 23: “Once the file has been declared in conformity with the law, either after the provisional receipt has been issued or automatically two months after its filing, the leaders of the political party shall complete the formalities for its publication in the Official Gazette”.

New Article 25: “Any change in the leadership or administration of a political party, any amendment to the statutes and internal regulations shall, within one month of the decision of the authorized body, be notified to the Minister of the Interior in accordance with the provisions of Articles 13, 17 and 18 of this Law. Any new local representation facility must be the subject of a written declaration to the authority of the administrative district concerned.


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